MCK-Suppliers knows what it takes on a yacht in the technical field. The 35 years of nautical experience in engineering makes our sales team support you with all your questions and solutions in the technical field.

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MCK supply a wide range of tools. From handtools and powertools (electrical and air) to welding equipment and welding supplies. We know how important it is to have the right tools which are indispensable for every engineer.

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Bridge & Navigation

We know that a safe journey is essential for you, for this we can provide the necessary equipment. From sea charts / radios / logs / signal lamps / flags to signs.

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Clothing & Shoes

MCK have a wide range of clothing and uniforms suppliers, up to date with the uniform branches to make sure we can deliver our customers the uniforms that make the difference in the Yacht industry.

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We understand that every quality meal can be made only with passionate chefs. of course they can only do this with the right, qualitative equipment. mck can assist with this by supplying a large assortment of the best brands. kitchen equipment, storage, patisserie equipment, etc.

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Sport & Fun

Diving equipment and jetskis to paddle boards and Seabobs. MCK has partnerships with a large number of renowned brands. This allows us to offer our customers a wide range of the best brands at very competitive prices.

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We know better than anyone else that safety on board is essential. We can assist to provide the right equipment / resources or spare parts.

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MCK has a large network of suppliers and excellent brands in the field of rope and mooring. Maintenance is an important part of the work on a Super Yacht we can provide the right tools to do the job properly and safely for all materials.

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