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Our meat is hand picked from pastured farms worldwide who specialize in selective breeds. Certified Wagyu, Black Angus, European beef, rustic breeds of pork and lamb. Our wild game comes from a master butcher, dedicated to his craft wild with gorgeous seasonal products.

The area of land reclaimed from the sea and lakes by means of dikes is known as ‘Polder’.

The Polders have large grasslands where livestock such as cows, pigs and sheep are raised and able to graze in a traditional way.

For example, one of our suppliers has a herd of pure bred Tijama Wagyu bloodline cows and is able to combine the best of Dutch farming with the best of Japanese cattle producing prized marbled beef.

Besides the specialised production of Tijama Wagyu the area breeds local dual-purpose cattle both for dairy and beef.

Rustic breeds of pigs and sheep, known for their unique taste, which almost disappeared from the landscape due to mass production of other breeds are being re-introduced to the Polders.

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